View Full Version : New Shutter for 2x3 Optar Ektar Triopar

17-Sep-2008, 09:51
Does anyone know if a new shutter are computable, without custom modifications, with these lenses:

Graflex Optar 101 mm
Kodak Ektar 101 mm
Kodak Ektar 105 mm
Graflex Graflar 101 mm

I would like to use the old glass in a new shutter and screw them in with out modifications.

I haven seen anything that says if this is possible.

I do know the thread mounts for the Copal 0 (Courtesy of SK Grimes) is as follows

front thread M29.5-0.5
back thread M29.5-0.5
overall thickness 20 mm
front to iris 10.2 mm
mount thread M32.5-0.5
lensboard hole 34.6 mm
iris dia 24 mm

I haven't seen any data on thread size for the old lenses.

Thanks in advance

Ernest Purdum
17-Sep-2008, 10:10
Kodak listed the f4.5 101mm and f3.7 105mm Ektars as being furnished in #2 Supermatic. I susapect you might find the Optar and Graflar in Rapax shutters, but I don't have any firm data on this. Maybe the Graflex website might have some useful information.

Dan Fromm
17-Sep-2008, 12:39
If you have the money, honey, www.skgrimes.com has the time.

I have two of those lenses (101/4.5 Ektar, 105/3.7 Ektar), and they're not compatible with modern shutters. I believe that the Wollies are also incompatible with modern shutters. Putting any of them in a modern shutter will require custom adapters for both cells.

In my opinion, making the adapters needed to fit cells from any of those lenses will cost much much more than any of them is worth. I've had this done for only one lens, a 38/4.5 Biogon. In 2002 the late Steve Grimes charged me $300 for the machining, but Biogons are worth a lot more than normal lenses for 2x3 press cameras. Since then prices have gone up.

If you're contemplating buying any of them, just get it and have the shutter it is in overhauled.