View Full Version : Cambo 650 wide filter thread size?

17-Sep-2008, 07:04
Hello all,

My first of many posts on here! Ive had so much help in the past from these forums, but now its time to ask my own questions..

Ok does anyone know what size the filter thread is on a 65 f5.6 Super Angulon XL on my cambo 650 wide is?

I have a set of Heliopan filters at 86mm and they are way too big! I need some kind of step up ring..

Hope y'all canhelp


John Schneider
17-Sep-2008, 09:46
I believe it's 67mm, but check by going to Schneider's page of data on discontinued lenses:

I have a Cambo Wide with a 58XL and it's a great bit of kit for tight spaces.

17-Sep-2008, 10:54
Yes 67mm it is! Found the stepping up ring also, many thanks.