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16-Sep-2008, 12:57
Hey guys and gals!

Well, I've been rooting through the shop today, trying to clean up, and found myself a lens! Other than having some dirt on it, it's in very good shape. It doesn't have a shutter, but does have an aperture ring that ranges from 4,5-45 and I would love some more info on it! I've looked around on-line, and am not really sure wha I'm working with for sure here. I've attached a few pictures to maybe give you an idea of what I have as well.

Thanks in advance, any information is extremely appreciated.

---On second inspection, looking through it as I was taking the picture, there is a great deal of black crud in there that didn't come off when I cleaned the lens. Not sure if I can clean it out for sure, looks almost like the black paint.

Ken Lee
16-Sep-2008, 13:00
It is mounted "in barrel". I have one of these in 250mm, and it's sublime.

I use it on a Sinar P with a Sinar Shutter - which lets you use barrel lens.

16-Sep-2008, 13:04
Yea, Sadly I have a Graphic View II so I would have to jerry-rig some kind of shutter. I would love to say I have a Zeiss lens to shoot with though, I'll certainly see about trying it out still and seeing how many of those little black specs effect the image quality.

Ken Lee
16-Sep-2008, 13:40
I doubt that the specks will show up on any image.

I love these lenses for portraits and close work. They are silky smooth.

I even use an old 135mm Tessar (http://www.kenleegallery.com/images/forum/p6.jpg) on 5x7. At infinity, it won't cover, but at close to 1:1, it will cover 8x10 or more.

Peter K
16-Sep-2008, 13:40
The Tessar was widely used, also as enlarger lens in the case of 180mm for 5x7" negatives. As a taking lens it can be used up to 10x15 cm (appr. 4x6") at infinity.

It should be easily dismanteled to remove the dirt.

Have fun

Peter K

Dan Fromm
16-Sep-2008, 13:44
Made in 1941. Should be fine for 4x5, not for 5x7.