View Full Version : Canadian sources for X-ray film?

Philippe Gauthier
15-Sep-2008, 13:42
Can anyone point me to a canadian source for 8x10 X-ray film? Delivery from the US is so expensive now!

Gene McCluney
15-Sep-2008, 16:30
Just call your local medical clinics or hospitals and speak to radiology. I'll bet you can get plenty of leads. You might even get some free film, if they have "gone digital".

4-Aug-2009, 16:36
Sorry for the bump. I have searched high and low myself. Every place in Canada I have found, is asking for round $60 for a 100 pack plus shipping. You can get the same from the U.S. for as low as say, $27, plus $13 shipping (CXS). Factor in duty and brokerage, and it's the same price basically.

However...... place a second box in your order at the same time, it is now A LOT less expensive. Third? Even more. You get the idea.

Especially now that our dollar is just about on par....