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tim atherton
5-May-2001, 20:41
Just an update on the AZo situration.

Got a message from Micahel and they will be stocjing AZO - he will post more det ails about purchasing etc soon once they are all sorted out: "we were just approved to be Azo dealers and people can contact us directly at":


(they also have some good articles on using AZO on their site)

Tim A

tim atherton
5-May-2001, 20:49
darn - I need a spell check on this!

Tim A

Jeff Buckels
7-May-2001, 11:58
They're rolling, folks. Took my order and shipped today (Monday). -jeff buckels (albuquerque)

wm mitchell
7-May-2001, 20:40
Greetings! Is there anyone out there interested in Azo sized in 11x14? Apparently, this size has been discontinued as a stock item, but can be special ordered. I spoke with Paula this afternoon about attempting to secure 11x14 Azo. She and Michael are willing to help. What is needed is getting enough interested photographers who shoot 11x14 to buy this paper. If anyone is interested, please contact Paula or Michael directly. Thanks. BILL

wm mitchell
7-May-2001, 20:45
Whoops! Sorry for the bad grammar!! BILL