View Full Version : "commercial" astragon lens?

ed kang
5-May-2001, 17:15
I have just bought a lens marked 210mm Commercial Astragon.


1) Who made this lens? 2) What is center and edge sharpness for this particular lens? 3) What year was this lens made? 4) Is this lens achromatic?

I can't find ANY information about this lens on the web, other than some vague i nfo about its image circle (which is not worth a whole lot to me).

Please help me, thank you.

david clark
5-May-2001, 23:22
Hi Edward, I think you got yourself a Japanese Congo. I think they are Tessars or Kodaks. On SK Grimes site under links you can find your way to the Congo Lens company. Although some folks don't like them, I don't know why they are any worst than any other Tessar design. I have a 240mm in Copal 3, it seems to work; I'm not a sharpness maven like some, and a Copal 3 is kind of a big shutter for 240mm, but the price was right, the shutter is reliable, and I can use 52mm filters with it. Best, David

ed kang
6-May-2001, 02:25
thank you david. Your help is appreciated VERY much!!

Bob Salomon
6-May-2001, 18:58
Astrogon and Commercial Astrogon lenses were a private lable line from, I believe, Strling Howard in NY in the 50s and early to mid 60s.