View Full Version : 240mm Germinar & Copal #1 (from Nikon 210mm)

13-Sep-2008, 21:24
Hi All:

I took the two lens elements off the aperture gizmo that was part of the Germinar lens and added the elements to a Copal #1 shutter that had been part of a Nikkor-W 210mm. It focuses fine to my eye.

Is there any reason that the Germinar elements cannot be used in this manner? It seems a fairly straight-forward resolution to me. What say ye? Thanks.


Peter K
14-Sep-2008, 00:45
Hi Paul,
of course you need an other aperture scale for the other lens. But the lens has also to be aligned for the image scale used to get best defination not only in the center but in the outer part of the image circle. This can be done as described here http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?t=38401&page=2

Have fun

Peter K

14-Sep-2008, 14:00
Thanks Peter.