View Full Version : Why two slots on rear standard of B&J cameras?

Kevin M Bourque
5-May-2001, 07:37
Hi Everyone -

Someone asked me the other day, why does the B&J 8x10 have two vertical slots in the rear standard (for rise)? If you use the forward slots, it's hard to put t he film holder under the ground glass. Not enough room.

There must be some simple answer that I can't figure. Any help out there?

Thanks! - Kevin

bill zelinski
8-May-2001, 13:06
Not really sure, but with both knobs in place you have a bette chance of using back rise/fall without inadvertant tilts and once both knobs are locked down maybe the back standard is more or less ridged. Thats my guess. I have noticed some forward/backward creep on the back standard despite tighting up and adjusting the locks, I'm afraid the lock design itself is not that great, maybe someone has found a better solution?