View Full Version : Betax #3 shutter

Tony Wheeler
11-Sep-2008, 15:20
Can anyone advise me if a Betax 3 shutter is small enough to be mounted on a Graflex 2x3 Speed or Century Graphic lens board? I have a feeling it can only be used on a 4x5 camera.

Thanks in advance,

Ernest Purdum
12-Sep-2008, 08:54
I have a listing showing the #3 Alphax as having a 48mm flange thread. I would expect the Betax to be the same size.

12-Sep-2008, 22:53
I have a Betax #3. It needs a 48mm mounting hole like Ernest says above. The overall shutter diameter is 75mm.

13-Sep-2008, 08:10
Keep in mind, they are excellent shutters, but you'll be lucky to get 1/60th as the top speed. A Compur would be a better choice for handheld work.

13-Sep-2008, 11:18
Betax shutters like Ilex shutter are rather large and bulky compared to German & Japanese shutter.

Betax shutters eat cable releases for breakfast, they are voracious :D Being more serious they do require a good sturdy cable release as first press cocks the shutter and further pressure trips it . . . . .

My Betax 3 would just fit but the weight would be a problem on aq 2x3 camera.


Tony Wheeler
13-Sep-2008, 15:45
Thanks guys for all the prompt responses. I'm new to this site but I look forward to it each time I sign in. My friends think I'm nuts for having these old cameras in this modern digital age.