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11-Sep-2008, 11:01
Guess I'd better intorduce myself.
My name is Ernie and I'm from south central British Columbia. I've been into photogrpahy and cameras most of my life but it's only in the past 10 years that I've become more involved and interested in it. I would be a liar if I said that I don't enjoy sellng the occasional print but don't think I can make a living at photography by any means. I want to enjoy the hobby so turning pro is most likely not an option at this time but then who knows what the future will bring. In the mean time, I want to learn more about photography and hone my skills with film but not forget the fun of just taking a picture.
I have yet to buy a large format camera and hope to purchase one in the next year or so but want to learn more about large format, types of cameras, what to look for, what equipment I'll need, to enjoy large format photography as much as I enjoy 35mm and medium format photography.
Seems funny that the more I get involved with photography, the further away I'm going from auto focus, auto everything and going back to the basics. Don't get me wrong, there is no way I'll part with my EOS cameras but there is something about the larger formats that seems to get my juices flowing.
The other passion in my life is fly fishing. Seems that for me, photography and fly fishing seem to go hand in hand with some days being a real quandry as to what gets picked up and put down, fly rod vs camera.
Thanks for letting me join the forum and I hope to learn lots from my visits here.

Kirk Gittings
11-Sep-2008, 11:05
Welcome! I agree with you about the fly fishing, on a good day it is pure zen (which actually has little to do with whether I catch anything).

jim kitchen
11-Sep-2008, 11:45
Dear Ernie,

Welcome aboard...

jim k

14-Sep-2008, 13:47
I hear you; I've got a nice digital EOS setup, but the real fun comes with the 9x12 Avus, the home-built pinhole, the home-built bag-magazine camera, the Shen Hao 4x5, or any of the numerous cheap 120 cameras I've picked up over the years. And I do love working in the darkroom even if there are times I wish I could just pull a quick photojob maneuver instead of muddling around with tests to get something conceptually simple but practically complicated done ;)

John Kasaian
14-Sep-2008, 21:38
Welcome Ernie. Enjoy the adventure! :)

Dave Aharonian
15-Sep-2008, 08:55
Hi Ernie, - welcome! Its always good to see some more Canucks here, especially if they are fans of the KVR - I might be one too!


Ernest Purdum
15-Sep-2008, 10:13
I'm an Ernie, too, though I live closer to the other B.C. than to British Columbia. I've been to your B.C. many times, though, and absolutely yearn for it when it's hot here.

Regarding "more about large format" etc., if you go back to the Forum home page, you'll find a helpful article under "Books". My article on cheap cameras might also be useful. You will find lots of additional information there.


Ernest Purdum

15-Sep-2008, 10:16
What's the other BC?

Merg Ross
15-Sep-2008, 10:56
Perhaps Baja California?

Andrew O'Neill
15-Sep-2008, 17:54
There is only ONE B.C. and I live in it...:)
Welcome aboard!

Andrew O'Neill
15-Sep-2008, 17:58
KVR? Kettle Valley Railroad? I once drew all the trestles back in '86 before I discovered photography...I walked from the beginning of Myra Canyon, Westward all the way to Penticton...The first time I went up there was just before they pulled up all the rails...Have the wooden trestles been rebuilt? I guess it'll never be the same, eh?

Chet Kwapisinski
27-Dec-2008, 20:25
From an island in the Pacific.


Nathan Potter
28-Dec-2008, 13:17
I assumed the other BC was "before Christ". Do you mean you feel that old?

Nate Potter, Austin TX.