View Full Version : Age of 9/300 apo ronar 5479862 ?

2-May-2001, 07:47
will you help me to find the age of this lens (is there an list available for ro denstock serial numbers?): 9/300 apo ronar 5479862 ( they sell it without any shutter, but i believe i can use it on a copal 1 ) i need a 300 mm lens to shoot landscapes on slides, and i want the best one (linhof V with90SA, 110xl, 180apo symmar, and hasselblad 60cf, 80cf, 150cf), i believe apo ronar is the best quality (large prints in colour) for a lightweig ht 300 mm(with unfortunatly a small image circle), they also sell a fuji an a nikon but all my lens are german...?

Bob Salomon
2-May-2001, 08:19
early 60s.

4-May-2001, 22:34
hallo 1961 = 5'000'000 1966 =6'000'000 A guy who knows a lot about optics told me, that the "cement" of the Rodenstock lenses would not be that quality. montespluga

Bob Salomon
5-May-2001, 06:56
Obviously he knows nothing about optics then. But thanks for trying to start another useless and worthless rumour.