View Full Version : Need help with some copal schematics please

Erik Larsen
4-Sep-2008, 17:36
Hi folks,
I had a stuck open shutter for a Fujinon 300 f5.6 in what I am guessing is a copal 3 shutter. It only says "copal" on the shutter but it is a pretty large shutter. Anyway, I thought how hard could it be to fix:) Well I tore it down and cleaned the shutter and aperture blades and put it back together and somehow it worked in reverse:mad: (it started out open and ended open)

Ok, I tore it down again and put it back together and now it works like it should except that the preview lever doesn't work correctly. I think I have a worn out spring or I have the spring in the wrong position but I can't figure out any other way for the spring to work. After all that, I decided to ask if anyone knows where I can see an online schematic of the inner working of a copal 3 shutter. I have seen outside dimensions online at SK Grimes, but not interior ones.
Can anyone help me out? I would be eternally grateful!

JW Dewdney
4-Sep-2008, 17:56
Not that I would know decisively - but it seems that if you were able to get THAT far with it - figuring out the correct reassembly of the preview mechanism would be a no-brainer...? Anytime I'VE tried to do any work on a shutter it's resulted in me taking the parts in a bag to the repair shop!!

Erik Larsen
4-Sep-2008, 18:18
Yeah JW, when I was half way into it I thought it would eventually end up in getting a new shutter:) However, I got it back together and it actually works except for the preview lever. I can get around this with using the T setting but it can't be that hard get it right is my thinking. I think I have staring at it too long. Maybe I should put it away for a few days and come back at it with a fresh mind. Unfortunately all my other shutters look nothing like this one on the inside so I can't copy their designs.

4-Sep-2008, 18:25
i have the same problems as JW....it reminds me of my first drum brake job.....took both sides apart and could not figure out how to put them back together. now i do similar projects one side at a time or if i only have one i shoot many digital photos BEFORE i tear it apart.......i am still unable to get the shutters working at times. remind me never to try a watch!

sorry i am of no real help....


Erik Larsen
4-Sep-2008, 18:49
Eddie, rub it in:) I had a digital camera right next to me ready to use but like the typical male I figured who need directions this looks simple enough:)

JW Dewdney
4-Sep-2008, 20:56
my favorite was deciding i could fix the shutter jam on my SL66...! I took off the leatherette and the retaining screws on one side.. gently started lifting the cover plate - and SSSPRRRROOOOOIIIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGG...!!! All the innards flew out everywhere..!!!! great.

5-Sep-2008, 08:40
I posted some pictures of my Copal 1 repair here: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showpost.php?p=279474&postcount=34

I always make diagrams and take pictures. I don't recall any difficulty getting the preview lever to work on re-assembly. See the middle picture in the above post. It shows the shutter assembly on one side and the pre-view lever on the other side, as I recall they communicate with a tab.

I checked my other pictures of the shutter and I believe the two circled components need to line up for the preview lever to work.

Erik Larsen
5-Sep-2008, 19:23
Thanks Ic-racer for the pics. My shutter is laid out a little differently. I think that the spring is either worn or has been broken. I'll guess I'll just get used to using the T function to focus like my older shutters.
Thanks for taking the time to post pics.

Gene McCluney
7-Sep-2008, 08:49
The easiest way to figure out your problem would be to look at the innards of another working Copal 3 shutter. I am guessing you don't have another?

Erik Larsen
7-Sep-2008, 10:45
Gene, you're right. I'll have one to inspect in a week or two to compare to.