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Paul Chaplo
2-May-2001, 01:39
I'm about to get a 4X5 Fuji Quickload back AND a Polaroid 545 pro back -- do I need them both, or can one back serve both purposes (using Quickloads and shooti ng Polaroids)?

Thanks, Paul

Georges Pelpel
2-May-2001, 02:22
Quickload film works in the Polaroid 545 back. I do not think Polaroid film works in Fuji holders however.

Ellis Vener
2-May-2001, 11:14
In my experience, yes you need both. I tested Fuji Quickloads and the old style (double sheet) Kodak Readyloads as well as Polaroid Type 55 (to examine the fine grain B&W negative) in the Polaroid 545i holders and found that film flatness for the Quickloads and Readyloads was far from optimum especially towards the edge of the frame. Whereas flatness of the Type 55 negative (as judged by sharpness) was excellent in the 545i

Evidently you can use the new style Kodak Readyloads in the Fuji Quickload holder, but since the Quickload and the Readyload holders lack the roller mechanism of the Polaroid holder you can't use Polaroid materials in those holders.

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If you had checked the archives of this forum you'd have found the answer you were looking for. There is a great deal of shared knowlege and a wealth of really useful information there.

Paul Schilliger
2-May-2001, 12:09
Ellis, I have made observations that contradicts yours and measured differences of as much as 1mm# from one side to the other of a sheet of QuickLoad loaded in a 545i. The Fuji QuickLoad holder s are in my experience very flat.

Ellis Vener
3-May-2001, 01:53
"Ellis, I have made observations that contradicts yours and measured differences of as much as 1mm# from one side to the other of a sheet of QuickLoad loaded in a 545i. The Fuji QuickLoad holders are in my experience very flat. -- Paul Schilliger (pschilliger@smile.ch), May 02, 2001."

Paul, I think we are actually saying the same thing: That using Quickloads in a Polaroid holder is not a good idea. My tests with my backs had the image (made on Velvia) sharp in the center and getting progressively out of focus towards the long edges of the film. I don't have my notes in front of me but my recollection is that I had to go to about f/22.5 to get an image of my target that was sharp all the way across. With the Fuji Quickload holder I was sharp all the way across by f/8.5. The test subject was a brick wall about six feet from the camera. Camera was very carefully squared to the wall. Camera standards were zeroed and checked for alignment to each other. The lens was a 210mm f/5.6 Nikkor-W and the camera used was an Arca Swiss F-line.

Paul Schilliger
3-May-2001, 03:45
Mille excuses, Ellis! I simply read your thread topsy-turvy (Me and my english!) . Yes we are saying the same thing.

Paul Chaplo
3-May-2001, 11:50
Thank you all for sharing your results in detail; it is appreciated. Despite my bringing up an old topic, some interesting dialog was stimulated, which I enjoyed immensely, and hope it was beneficial to others, also! Many Thanks, Paul Chaplo

3-May-2001, 23:03
The "FujiFilm QuickLoad Instructions for Use" provide operating procedures for using the QuickLoad envelopes in both the QuickLoad holder and the Polaroid Model 545 Film Holder. Of course, I'd rather have the Polaroid work in the QuickLoad holder (which I haven't tried) than the other way around. I really like having both (the 545 pro is really great IMHO) though.

Tom Percival
10-May-2001, 00:00
Dear Paul, I constantly use Fuji Quickloads in my Polaroid Back. The only problem that I've incurred, has been when sliding the paper envelope back before I remove it completely. Occasionally (about once every twenty sheets) one corner of the envelope does not reseat properly in the metal strip. I have a feeling that this occurs mainly when I start to get in a hurry and try to change films too quickly. So, just don't be in to big a hurry and you shouldn't have a problem.