View Full Version : Identify 8x10 Back?

Mike Fiction
3-Sep-2008, 15:57
I got an 8x10 I'd like to sell, but before I do I have no idea what camera it will fit and that's pretty important - it's an older style American wooden 8x10 back.

The back is 11 7/8 x 11 7/8 inch

The inset (bevel) is 11 3/16 x 11 3/16 inch

The pins are 5/8 inch from the edge

What camera will this fit? I can take a photo if that will help at all.

Mike Fiction
4-Sep-2008, 18:15
Here are some photos of the back.

C. D. Keth
4-Sep-2008, 18:39
Looks like one of the kodak view cameras. See the very similar back on this page (http://www.fiberq.com/cam/ekc/1.htm).

Mike Fiction
4-Sep-2008, 19:16
I agree it does look similar to that back. The brass attachments are shaped differently, the photo in the View No. 1 looks the same as the ones on my 2D. Look at the 3rd photo I posted, it's a different shape.

Plus the size is slightly too large for the Kodak 1, 2 and 2D

C. D. Keth
4-Sep-2008, 21:00
I'm not an authority, but I would tend to stand by it being for a kodak. Those cameras were made for so long that, I believe, the design and dimensions changed slightly every so often.

Mike Fiction
4-Sep-2008, 21:06
What Kodak models do you think it would fit? It definitely doesn't fit my Kodak 2D, it's too large.

C. D. Keth
4-Sep-2008, 21:15
What Kodak models do you think it would fit? It definitely doesn't fit my Kodak 2D, it's too large.

How too large is it?

I didn't have a particular model in mind. I was thinking more in the vein of this still being for a 2D or a model 2. These old cameras did vary somewhat.

I had a gundlach korona in 5x7 (which I knew was all original) that exhibited key features from 2 different models. Furthermore, backs from either of those 2 models wouldn't fit properly. I had to modify one to fit correctly.

Mike Fiction
5-Sep-2008, 03:05
it's about 1/4 inch too large.

Kodak 2D backs are 11 5/16 inch. This back is 11 7/8 inch. Pin spacing is way off, and internal bevel way too large as well.

Also note the view no. 1, 2 and 2D backs have a brass strip on the left side, this back has none.