View Full Version : TP Cooke Anastigmat 5 - 3/4" F4.5 barrel lens

3-Sep-2008, 13:45
Does anyone have any idea on what this Cooke lens would be capable of covering format wise 4x5, 5x7? Both? Also, what could I expect for bokeh with this lens? Swirly, creamy, both? Or do the Cooke Anastigmat lenses have edge to edge sharpness? I am not an expert on older lenses by any strength and I am after some olde worlde look with the fashionable bokeh many of the wet plate folks are playing with using Darlots, Dallmeyers etc. Is this a comparable lens??? Thanks


4-Sep-2008, 14:26
I hate to say this: If you have a four by five camera put it on and try it ! you don't need film to check if it will cover !

Jim Galli
4-Sep-2008, 14:33
Cooke triplets have a fairly narrow field. Like 50 degrees I think. So it was likely intended for 3 1/4 X 4 1/4 or quarter plate. It may cover 4X5 but don't expect any movements. Cooke lenses are normally just nice crisp contrasty lenses. No swirl or soft corners. It's a modern anastigmat, even though it's probably 100 years old.