View Full Version : Cokin adpter

Chris Dunham
2-Sep-2008, 23:51
I've got a Fuji 180mm which has a 46mm thread at the business end of the lens. As far as I can work out Cokin don't make an 46mm adapter in the P-series for mounting the filter holder. Has anyone else come across this problem and is there a way around it?


3-Sep-2008, 00:00
46mm step up ring will probably do ok, I see there are rings stepping to 49-58mm on the bay at this moment. maybe others are available.

gari beet
3-Sep-2008, 01:38
I use step up rings for my smaller element lenses, they work fine. Cokin P rings go down to 49mm so a 46-49 will do the job nicely.


3-Sep-2008, 09:29
Step-ups. Adorama has 'em. The Cokin brand is cheaper and works just fine. I'm using my Cokin P for digital, medium format, and now on my Chamonix 4x5. Nice to have 1 set of quality filters for "almost" all my needs.

Chris Dunham
3-Sep-2008, 19:28
Thanks all, set up ring looks like the way to go.