View Full Version : Grassroots Campaign for Super XX

Jeff Buckels
30-Apr-2001, 19:00
Hi Everybody: So, last summer or thereabouts there was an announcement in View Camera that Wista (I think it was Wista, maybe Wisner) was sponsoring a grassroo ts effort to get EK to bring Super XX back. People interested in that were supp osed to send an email to Wista or Wisner indicating the interest and noting what size film they'd want. Wista or Wisner would then go to EK and work on them an d all. Well, I did this. I sent the email, noting that I was interested in 5x7 sheet film. Wista or Wisner acknowleged and said that they'd gotten a zillion responses etc. That's the last I ever heard about this campaign. Does anybody know what became of this? -jeff buckels (albuquerque)

Kevin Kemner
30-Apr-2001, 20:57

It was Wisner. I haven't heard anything either except that Kodak will make a film if you order enough. If you're interested in Super XX there's a bit of lore going around that Forte 200 is Super XX emulsion on a polyester base. Forte manufactures films out of an old Kodak factory so who knows. I do know that whenever I have seen comparative sensitometry test of Forte 200 its seems strikingly similar to the curves for Super XX. I shoot Forte on occasion and it can be pretty remarkable.

Jeff Buckels
1-May-2001, 12:02
Well, I asked Ron Winsner about this and says forget it. EK rigid on the matter. I'm going to start another thread re: Forte 200, etc. -jb