View Full Version : What lens?

paul owen
30-Apr-2001, 18:32
Just out of curiosity, I recently saw a LF lens (new) I think it was a Rodenstoc k, but instead of having a black paint finish, the barrel was a dull gold colour ....anyone shed some light on what it may have been, I think it was a 150mm. Re gards Paul PS Don't intend getting one just a bit curious as to the why's and wherefores of such a "beauty".

andrea milano
1-May-2001, 05:16
Hi Paul!

well, there is a very good chance it was a "Dokter" lens, this brand produced very fine lenses and shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall went into the hands of rodenstock and, although I an not absolutely shure about this, it ceased the produktion under the name DOKTER

Robert White
3-May-2001, 12:38
Dear Paul, The other answer is that the lens could have been one of the special edition lenses SCHNEIDER made about 10 years ago, from memory they made Three versions a 90 Super angulon and a 150 and 210 APO Symmar .These all had Gold Plated front Lens mounts with an SE number......If you feel you need one i still have a new 150/5.6 in stock....... Yours Robert