View Full Version : roll film back for wista 45dx

Mark J A Iveson
29-Apr-2001, 09:24
Can anybody recommend a roll film back suitable for the Wista 45dx? When using a RFH would I have to focus using the 5x4 GGlass and then change backs? If so how can you check focus prior to shooting?

Thanks Mark Iveson

Bob Salomon
30-Apr-2001, 05:45
Wista backs are a good first choice.

John H. Henderson
30-Apr-2001, 16:03
Yes, Mark. It's done as you describe. You either replace the back with a RFH using the Graflock fittings, or slide the RFH under the ground glass as though you were inserting a film holder. To do the second option, though, you will need a thin RFH model, like the Toyos, and even then, some cameras don't have enough spring movement to take them.

Some manufacturers offer a sliding (Toyo) or rotating (Horseman) back that has the 6x9 ground glass on one end and the RFH on the other, and once you've composed, you slide or rotate the whole mechanism to bring the RFH into position. They typically also automatically withdraw the darkslide from the RFH, too. Of course, these cost a lot more than wresting and juggling the RFH and GG back.