View Full Version : Will 19 artar fit where a 16.5 artar fits?

G Benaim
1-Sep-2008, 08:55
Hi all,

Any udea if a 19 artar cells will fit where a 16.5 artar fits without adaptation? Thanks,


John Kasaian
1-Sep-2008, 20:14
I have had a four different 19" Artars and many didn't share the same theads among the other 19-inchers so I'd have to guess that any standardization between 19" and 16-1/2" Artars would be crap shoot at best. As for shutters, I know the #4 Acme is the right "size" for 19" and would probably house a 16-1/2" (I'm guessing) The help of a machinist would still be neccesary----but if you find a #4 Acme that only opens up to f9 you might possibly "luck out" and get a direct fit.
It would still be a crap shoot, though!

David Lindquist
2-Sep-2008, 09:07
My 1970 Goerz price list shows that the 14", 16 1/2", 17 3/4" and 19" Red Dot Artars all were supplied in the No. 4 Acme shutter. However I'm pretty sure the barrel mounted versions of these could not be simply unscrewed from their barrel mount and screwed directly in to the shutter. Rather intermediate fittings would be necessary.

Steve Hamley
2-Sep-2008, 12:56
I have both, so if I can remember to check when i get home, I'll have the answer for at least two lenses. But if I remember correctly, the answer is no.