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Matthias Hamborg
23-Sep-1998, 15:57
Can anybody give informations about "inka" cameras (build in Holland), such as availability, distribution, manufacturers4 web-site, new products?

andrea milano
28-Oct-1998, 11:14
Hi! Well what do you want to know about it? In order to know about availability you should first tell where do tou want them to be available? In the Netherlands they are widely available( at Dealers such as Capi lux, www.capi.com) and the cameras have enjoyed a "large" popularity in the past more than at present. The cameras exist in more and less three versions all featuring a heavy and at times too bulky constuction. Everything considered it is a good camera but it is not cheap and it is somewhat worse of the similar Horseman. The factory is in Kampen in Holland and I haven't its address on me at the moment. I am not aware of a interne

andrea milano
28-Oct-1998, 11:26
sorry about some typing mistakes and the abrupt interruption of the message. As I was saying I am not aware of any internet site. Regard