View Full Version : Lens Wraps: Recommendations ?

Ken Lee
31-Aug-2008, 10:00
For my 4 modern lenses, I have 4 lens wraps: in Yellow, Red, Black, and Grey.

That worked fine when I had "only" 4 lenses, but now, with my assortment of vintage Tessars and Heliars, , I have more lenses than wraps.

I would like to wrap the vintage lenses too, but don't want to repeat the same identifying colors if possible. Some lenses are mounted on Technika boards, others on Sinar boards. Some in shutter, some in barrel.

Can anyone recommend a source of lens wraps that come in additional colors, or some other affordable home-made approach ?

31-Aug-2008, 10:31
Sharpie? You'll need white or gold to write on the black.

Paul O
31-Aug-2008, 10:39
Why not try the PhotoBackpacker lens cases? They are excellent quality and very lightweight offering much better level of protection for little outlay.

Chris Pandino
31-Aug-2008, 11:32
Not a wrap, but I highly recommend Photobackpacker cases for lenses. They can be labeled individually and configured in a manner that fits whatever tote you might have.

Having them velcroed together also makes them more manageable and less prone to loss or damage.

Gnass lens cases are great also, but not quite as flexible and hard to come by.

31-Aug-2008, 12:48
I use the Novoflex wraps, which I find very efficient in protecting my gear (even the camera has one), and I use small white Velcro tags that I label and stick on the wraps to remember which lens is where.

31-Aug-2008, 12:57
Another vote for the Photobackpacker lens cases. Try them. You won't ever go back to lens wraps.

Dominique Cesari
31-Aug-2008, 13:00
I cut a bit of white Velcro male tape, and write in black the focal length. They scratch easily on most of wraps, among which Novoflex ones, which are excellent, but all blue. Beeing a lens geek:p , I can keep the wrap and change only the velcro for my new glasses.

Rick Floyd
31-Aug-2008, 13:00
I went with PhotoBackpacker. Keeps dust away and offers a higher degree of protection for your glass. IMHO


Ken Lee
31-Aug-2008, 16:36
Thanks for recommending PhotoBackpacker lens cases (http://www.photobackpacker.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=RPT&Category_Code=RPT02) !

From the photos on their site, they seem to stack better and afford better protection than wraps.

1-Sep-2008, 00:10
I also recommend PhotoBackpacker lens cases... but I wouldn't go so far as to say they afford better protection. However, they are far less bulky than lens wraps. I started off with wraps (Calumet) and changed over to lens cases in order to save room.

6-Sep-2008, 22:09
Another vote for the Photobackpacker lens cases (and camera cases as well): They stay where you put them, helping keep your pack's load balanced. I now have a pile of old Calumet lens wraps in the back of my closet.

10-Sep-2008, 10:07
For the budget challenged: GOOGLE Fishpond Fly Reel Case. The large model holds 3-4 lenses on 4"x4" boards.

Jay Wolfe
10-Sep-2008, 10:50
Another alternative are fishing reel cases that you can find at Gander Mountain, if you have one of these stores in your area. They are similar to Fishpond cases, perhaps a little more rigid and will hold four lenses on Linhof-type boards.

For the budget challenged: GOOGLE Fishpond Fly Reel Case. The large model holds 3-4 lenses on 4"x4" boards.

10-Sep-2008, 10:57
I was at Gander Mountain in Houston last night. No luck. Maybe it's a Srpingtime or farther north stock item.

I mention the Fishpond version because a friend and LFPF member has that brand. I've seen it work. It works well. YMMV.

10-Sep-2008, 11:03
I looked at Gander Mountain and didn't care for the cases they had so I went with Fishpond. I bought the smaller one so it will fit in my pack. I can fit three lenses on 4x4 boards. The price was good too.