View Full Version : Nettel Deckrullo FP shutter

31-Aug-2008, 02:51
I have a Contessa Nettel Deckrullo camera, film format 13x18 cm. It is a German strut machanism camera and came with an uncoated Tessar with a pneumatic shutter on it's tail. I read somewhere that the Deckrullo cameras were made in formats from 6x4,5 cm to 13x18 from 1926 to 1938.

The focal plane shutter (the Deckrullo) does not function. I have not so far found any way to make it fire, anyway. Did any of you ever service a thing like this, or know where I can find information about servicing and use?

Have a nice day! Svein Lindberg

Bernard Kaye
31-Aug-2008, 10:52
Google Photography On Bald Mountain and email Ken Ruth. He repaired a Mentor with somewhat similar shutter for me. He is an excellent craftsman. Bernie Kaye