View Full Version : Century 8x10...reversing rear standard.

30-Aug-2008, 11:26
Just got back to using my restored Century and realized the locking mechanism on the rear tilt limits the range. As it is set up there is more forward tilt available than rearward tilt. (front standard is fixed). So, I am finding myself wanting more and more rearward tilt and I never use forward tilt (landscape photography).

I thought I may have re-assembled the camera wrong, but looking at my pre-restoration picture, I see I have just like it came from the factory.

Since I use a fancy bolt instead of the original rivet to hold the rear standard to the frame, it looks like I could easily flip things around so that I get more rearward tilt and less forward tilt.

So, it looks pretty simple to just swap the two standards from side to side.

I just wondered why it would be designed with more forward tilt than rearward tilt?? Am I missing something?