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Kevin Crisp
28-Apr-2001, 15:44
Can anybody help me find material like that used on the camera side of a Graflok back? It appears to be black, thin, adhesive backed and kind of like fuzzy vel vet? I didn't see anything in the Micro-Tools catalogue that would be like this , but I may have been mistaken. the adhesive backed felt I've seen around is wa y too thick. Thanks.

Michael S. Briggs
28-Apr-2001, 19:48
Edmund Scientific has split into two and each portion offers a product that might work for you: http://www.edmundoptics.com has "Light Absorbing Black-Out Material" and http://www.edmundscientific.com has "Black Flocked Paper".

Jeffrey Goggin
28-Apr-2001, 19:56
FWIW, I've successfully substituted the loop ("fuzzy") side of velcro for this stuff. You have to carefully cut it into thin strips, which can be difficult for some people, but it seems to work well otherwise and the price is certainly right. It's self-adhesive, too.

mark lindsey
28-Apr-2001, 20:50
these guys seem to have everything for do it yourself repairs, check it out.


David A. Goldfarb
29-Apr-2001, 01:16
They have everything except flocking paper, it seems. I've checked. Edmund Scientific at the address above has two kinds--adhesive and non-adhesive. You can apply the non-adhesive with Pliobond, if you go that way. It's also handy to use in sheets when you need a black background for tabletop photography. You can also use it to improve hard plastic or metal lens hoods or to reduce reflections inside lenses that have only black paint. Micro-tools does sell adhesive foam in various thicknesses for light traps, reflex mirror cushions, and such. I'm not sure which would work better in this application, but from your description, it sounds like flocking paper is what you have on there now.

brian kaser
29-Apr-2001, 21:26
If you are like me you don't want to wait. I have repaired my old Nikons using an adhesive-backed foam sold at hobby shops. It's used to cushion the removable wing against the fuselage of radio controlled airplanes. It's about 1/8 or 5/32 wide, and you get about four feet for about $2.00. I have never used it on any Graflex camera, but I am about to do so, since the roll film backs don't fit tightly to my miniature graphic anymore, and I have to put the darkslide in to roll the film.

1-May-2001, 02:43

You can find EXACTLY what you need at Micro-tools. It is called "light baffle material" and it is available in adhesive and non-adhesive strips as thin as .029". It comes in 10" strips or 250"rolls. It is used in a multitude of camera applications, and if you buy the imported Japanese material, it is very soft and compresses down to nil without shortening its lifetime.

Steven Kafcsak
15-Sep-2003, 06:18
Hi!!! In a pinch, ask your local minilab for old 35mm cassettes... The light trap felt peels off the cassettes, and can be cut to fill in small grooves, and can be butted up length-wise to become a longer strip... (tip: cut the ends at matching angles to be light-safer)

The silk velvet material (rolls and sheets) is availible at at fabric suppliers who supply for the trade... Ask a tailor or seamstress for their location... Tux & gown shops might have or know where...