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John Schneider
29-Aug-2008, 13:42
In a lot of gear I received a big rollfilm back, the only marking on which are "KEITH" by the darkslide opening. It's a rather beastly monstrosity, about 6x6x8" with a 3.25x4.625" exposed area, and a red anodized aluminum darkslide. Inside there is a 3.5" long film spool. There's a single external take-up knob and a spring-loaded lever that slips into a slot in the end of a pressure roller to give the correct film spacing. It looks like it would fit on an international 4x5 back. What is it, what film does it take, and how do I use it? Thanks for any edification.

Bob Salomon
29-Aug-2008, 13:46
Long roll back for school or portrait studios.

Glenn Thoreson
29-Aug-2008, 19:26
It should take 70mm film. Keith did make some of those magazine that fit every day cameras but most of then were made to fit long roll school portrait cameras. If yours will fit a 4X5 camera, it's perfectly usable. If not, it's not worth much. Few people want them. You get 5 or 600 shots on a 100 foot roll of 70mm film with these things. ( Oops! on re-reading your post, with that size image you won't get as many shots per roll. In fact, it may use film larger than 70mm. At 3.25 inches wide, it may have used something like 122 film. )

27-Sep-2008, 03:23

i have been searching such a back for a long time.
1. could you pls upload some image?
2. tell us if 70mm wide film can be loaded.
3. the question remains if film stays flat enough.
that is he case in hassi 70mm backs. but there image is only 55x55mm and not 8,2 x11.7mm.

anthony sansone certainly knows the back. i will ask him then if its will fit 4x5 or if it must/can be adjusted.
thank you very much
michael przewrocki
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