View Full Version : Tacking Irons

Pete Watkins
28-Apr-2001, 09:45
Is a tacking iron essential when dry mounting? Could I use a soldering iron or a domestic iron? Thanks for reading this>

28-Apr-2001, 10:15
I used to use a wood burning tool with about a quarter inch tip. Same as a soldering iron. I used a dimmer to control the heat. But now that Ebay is in our lives I picked up a real Seal tacking iron for about $20. Never saw any problems with the wood burner but the bigger tip on the Seal probably lessens chances for mistakes caused by pressing too hard. But the smaller tip made it easier to do small size prints.

Allan Fontanilla.com
28-Apr-2001, 13:14
A clothes iron will probably work but will eventually gum up with adhesive and you will have to dedicate it as tacking iron.

28-Apr-2001, 21:14

I have always used the press itself to tack. I've never had any problem with this approach.