View Full Version : Smaller head for 1227 tripod

Ellis Vener
23-Sep-1998, 13:19
Any suggestions for an alternative head to the Arca Swiss B1, preferably smaller , (and I am not interested in the Kirk copy of the B1) for use on a Gitzo 1227 c arbon fiber tripod. I'll be using a Canham DLC and some 35mm gear but no long/fa st glass.

Bob Eskridge
23-Sep-1998, 15:54
I have been using the Benbo Standard Ballhead with a carbon fiber tripod for a couple of years with a Horseman 980, Hasselblad, and Nikons with good success. A little sticky but cheap ($66.00 at B&H.)

Kaiser and Slik have rather small heads that are rated to 10lbs.

Ellis Vener
8-Jan-1999, 02:44
The story so far: I've been using the 1227 with the B1 head as I found no altern ative to the B1. This combination will support a Canham DLC and short to normal length lenses but I really feel as though I am stretching the limit of safety (b oth exposure wise and risk wise as I feel that the footprint of the tripod, with fully extened legs is a little too small. The tripod & head combo are fine with a 35mm format camera (Nikon N90s) and up to a 300mm f/4 lens.