View Full Version : Beattie Intenscreen for Wista Field?

George Kenney
28-Apr-2001, 01:34
Have a new Wista 45DX w/ Wista fresnel. Screen seems dark. Have had good luck wi th Beattie on 35mm format. Question: Has anybody used a Beattie intenscreen on t he Wista 54DX? Is it markedly brighter than the Wista fresnel? TIA.


Mike Mahoney
28-Apr-2001, 06:10
George - there should be information in the archives ( older questions ) on both Beatties and Fresnels, but I don't remember one specific to the Wista. Its well worth reviewing older threads - a goldmine of information.

Scott Walton
30-Apr-2001, 09:24
Don't use one on a Wista but have them on my Linhof Tech III and V... what a difference!!! Definitely get one!

David R Munson
1-May-2001, 19:16
The Beattie I got for my Linhof Kardan Bi made all the difference in the world- especially nice for low-light compositions.

Bob Salomon
1-May-2001, 20:00

Please note that the recommendations for vast improvement on Linhof cameras are on very old ones.

The III was last made in 1956. The IV in 1966 and the Bi in 1979.

A lot has changed in screens since then. Including Linhof and Wista ones.

While the replacement screen may have made a big difference in 21 to 55 year old cameras a current Linhof ground glass and fresnel would also have made a major improvement.