View Full Version : Email Address for Michael and Paula

Jeff Buckels
26-Apr-2001, 18:04
Hi All: I'm trying to get ahold of MichaelandPaula re: distribution of Azo. Th eir website lists their email address as "email@michaelandpaula.com" -- When I try to send email to this address, the server kicks it back ("address unknown" e tc.). What am I doing wrong here?? -jeff buckels (albquerque)

Richard J. Meisinger, Jr.
26-Apr-2001, 18:57
Jeff, Try this: info@michaelandpaula.com

26-Apr-2001, 19:35
Their address is michaelandpaula@michaelandpaula.com

Silly as it may seem, but thats it!!

Kevin J. Kolosky
27-Apr-2001, 00:12
what is so silly about that?

27-Apr-2001, 00:50