View Full Version : shutter for a goerz lens.. 34.25 threads?

27-Aug-2008, 23:51
I have one of those goerz lenses that does not have a model name. I believe it is about 210mm focal length. It is in a barrel right now. The threads on the cells are 34.25mm front and back according to my micrometer. I know that no copal size shutter is this size.
Are there any other shutters that may fit? Rapax? Supermatic? I'm pretty sure the ilex #1 wont fit.

Currently the lens is front-mounted almost perfectly in an alphax, but the shutter is inconsistent.

Jon Wilson
30-Aug-2008, 08:39
More than likely it will not be a direct fit in any shutter and it will require a proper machine work to have it fitted in an alphax or similar shutter. In such I case, I would suggest the cost would be too great when you look at the benefits to be gained. If you elect to have it installed in a shutter, Tim at <lensn2shutter,com> is very reasonable.

I have a similar Artar which is front mounted in an alphax shutter and I had Carol at Flutotos clean and it works fine.

I would recommend you spend fewer dollars and get the shutter CLA'd and spend the savings on some film.


30-Aug-2008, 14:04
Jon, thanks for the info. I figured that the lack of response meant there were probably no direct fits. i really haven't used the lens much, i have quite a few lenses of that focal length. I suppose I could use it for 8x10 but I'm not sure it will cover as it is front-mounted.