View Full Version : Sinar P2 810 front standard ID needed

Robert Fisher
27-Aug-2008, 12:49
Sinar P2 810 front standard ID needed.

If you can help me identify an 810 P2 810 standard as opposed to a 45, please PM me.


Robert Fisher
27-Aug-2008, 17:07
The P2 810 standards have different Sinar part numbers. The images in the Sinar literature do not visibly indicate a difference.

The Sinar literature mentions “longer rise and shift range” of the 810 as opposed to the 45 standard.

The rear standards are dramatically different between the 810 and 45.

Any help appreciated.

28-Aug-2008, 02:06


Jerry Flynn
29-Aug-2008, 13:45
Robert, if yoo look cloely, I think you will see that the upright of the standard bearer is longer on the 8X10 version so the frame will be higer up when the rise is set to "0". It does not appear, from the illustration, that the frame is offset any farther to the right, but it may be.