View Full Version : Short shutter release attachments?

27-Aug-2008, 10:51
I've been seeing a few lenses on boards where there have been what looks like a 3 inch or so shutter release cable extension attached. Does anyone use these, know what they are called, or where to buy them?

With fat fingers, I have a concern of snapping the threads off my cable release when I try to attach it. It would be much easier to attach it to that extension.

eric black
27-Aug-2008, 11:01
Gepe flexible cable extensions- B&H sells them along with several other photog vendors

Bob Salomon
27-Aug-2008, 11:10
The proper name is the Gepe Wide Angle Cable Release Adapter it is catalog # 603007. While other companies make a short adapter only the Gepe and Linhof ones have an extremely short tip so it can be easily used on any recessed board. It is 3.25" long. Linhof also markets them in 2 and 4" lengths but they would be considerably more expensive then the Gepe ones.