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27-Aug-2008, 06:53
As you folks know I am looking for a cheap 3-1/2inch 90mm lens I am down to three
one is wollansak wide angle 90mm, also a KOMURA 90mm Wide-Angle Lens and last is a fujinon SW-8 90mm all could be within my reach?

any thoughts on these, simple responce is all that is required ,Thanks a lot::)

Jim Noel
27-Aug-2008, 07:48
In my opinion, the order of preference would be:
1. Fujinon - it is more modern and an excellent lens
2. Wollensak - in its time it was great and has a good image circle stopped down
Komura - kick it off the list

Bryan Lemasters
27-Aug-2008, 07:52

I would think the image quality of the Fujinon would win this one hands down, and would likely have a larger image circle to boot.

John O'Connell
27-Aug-2008, 08:10
If this is the thread you're referring to regarding our knowledge of your wideangle search . . .


then you probably want a modern design like the Fuji. I think you'd need a significant image circle to achieve the kind of effects you're seeking. I mounted the Fuji 90/8 on my 8x10 once,* and it would have substantial movement on 4x5.

The Komura 90/6.3 looks like a modern design, but I know less than nothing about it.

I have a couple of cheap 90s I want to unload---one 90mm Wolly and one 90/8 Ilex Caltar---if you're interested, contact me off-list.

* Note: the 90/8 Fuji doesn't cover 8x10, doesn't come close to covering, and I was only curious because I wondered what shape its image would be if I mounted it on a Hobo. Please do not cite this thread in the future as proof that a 90/8 Fujinon covers 8x10.

27-Aug-2008, 08:43
I own the Komura 90mm/6.3, and although I have not used it a lot, I have been very satisfied with the look of 4x5 transparencies it makes. It shows significant curvature of field, but I understand that that is the nature of the beast, and it is well tamed by stopping down. It covers 5x7, and because the back focus is more than 5 inches, it is easy to use on my 5x7 Cambo with its very stiff, old, long bellows even without a recessed lens board. It is easier to use in fact than a 120mm Angulon I have.

It is big though. The filter size measures to be about 86mm and on the Cambo board it weighs 984 grams.

27-Aug-2008, 09:09
Thank you all for your forthright ness and help in this matter ,Now I can sit and think about what you have said: Forgot to say I only shoot 4x5 : Lauren

Ernest Purdum
27-Aug-2008, 09:31
Lauren, Wollensak made both f6.8 and f12.5 90mm lenses, maybe f9.5 early on, but probably uncoated. The f12.5 has a lot more coverage than the f6.8.

31-Aug-2008, 07:47
Ernest : I was very luck got myself a Wollensak Series IIIa Extreme Wide Angle 3-1/2inch (90mm) F-12.5 may show up on my door step by 09/02/08 ??

1-Sep-2008, 08:51
I have a Schneider f8 super angulon and it is great. Try looking on Ebay.

Hany Aziz
5-Sep-2008, 04:04
Maybe too late I guess ,but I would vote for the Fujinon 90.