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26-Aug-2008, 23:45
I bought a used Tachihara 4x5 bundled with a Rodenstock Sironar-N 180mm at the local camera shop last weekend. I paid $850 and left fairly happy. I've been practicing with it over the past few days and finally did a bellows check today...and found a bunch of small pinholes in the bellows' corners. I'm going to write to the salesman (he's considered a knowledgeable, reputable guy) to propose a solution to this. Now, the problem is that I don't know what to propose. The store has a Sold As-Is but with 10 day warranty policy for items on consignment like this camera was. In looking at a few prices of the Tachihara's and some unsold Sironar-N ads here I think I may have overpaid even without considering the bellows. I have not contacted a bellows shop about a replacement yet, but the $150-$200 range has been mentioned in the other thread about the saggy Tachihara bellows. I could ask for a refund or ask for the whole enchilada and see if he'll discount for a new bellows, unless this wasn't really a bad deal. In that case, then I would just get some paint or tape and go to town on the holes myself. What do you think? I'm leaving in two days on a two-week road trip to Yellowstone and other spots in the Southwest and am feeling the disappointment of my impulse purchase.

Matus Kalisky
27-Aug-2008, 03:58
I guess you did overpay. I think you should try to get your money back. As the Tachi does not have exchangable bellows it is not so easy to change it. Also - once the bellows have pinholes I gues the camera is rather old (or was not stored/handled properly) If you do manage to get your money back just get a new Tachi (or similar if this is what you need - let me point your attention towards Chmonix 4x5 - very interesting one) or ask here around for a used one. There are plenty of Sironar (and alike) lenses out there for a reasonable money.

best wishes - and wellcome to the forum :)

27-Aug-2008, 07:23
I changed the belows of my Tachi last year.
It's ok, you need to "razor" the old below and fix the new one with glue.

I order from camerabellows.com, they know the exact size.

27-Aug-2008, 07:48
Do you recall how much that new bellows cost?

27-Aug-2008, 08:17
Let's say the bellows is $250 with shipping. That would mean you've put $1100 into the camera, but for that amount of money you can have a new Chamonix, Shen Hao, or Tachihara--including a first-rate used lens. I'd just return the camera and look for a better deal.

27-Aug-2008, 08:50
Yes, you are right--that'd be a mountain of cash paid for a camera that is not worth that price. I emailed the salesman to tell him I'd be bringing the camera back today. Thanks for your help.

27-Aug-2008, 10:10
Yep. Newest Chamonix 4X5 batch is out in September for $820 if I am not mistaken. A quality used lens, including the one you purchased, can be for for $200-$250 max on Ebay. That's a far better deal even if the Tachihara bellows had been in fine condition (i.e. Chamonix is simply a superior camera in every way that the difference of $200 were the Tachihara bellows ok is nothing compared to the long term useage with the Chamonix).