View Full Version : Series 9 Set screw rings

G Benaim
25-Aug-2008, 09:48
Hi all,

The lens shade I got, a tiffen series 9 rubber hood, came w a series 9 to 77mm ring, so I need a set-screw ring. Looking over some old threads in the AZO forum, I noticed some folks had found a source for these tiffen set screw rings, and I'm looking for one. Any idea where to look? Tiffen don't carry them anymore, and I'm looking for a phone number for H&H. Thanks,


Mark Woods
25-Aug-2008, 10:22
Hello Gabriel,

Birns & Sawyer in Hollywood, Isaia & Co. might have them too: http://www.isaia.com/ Also, Arrifelx probably have them for their lenses.