View Full Version : Apo Sironar S 100mm on 4x5?

Arne Norris
24-Aug-2008, 17:59
OK. I know that the specs for the Apo Sironar S 100mm state that it just barely covers 4x5 at infinity (image circle of 155mm is listed by Rodenstock). But here's what I'm wondering:

I need a wide angle in the 90-100mm range for photographing people in interior spaces. I'm not going to need camera movements. I would love to have a lens be able to close up inside my Technika.

I looked up some old threads and found out how to calculate the effective image circle of a lens when it's used at the closer distances for which I'll be using the lens. At a subject distance of 2 meters the image circle is about 163mm, at 3 meters, 160mm.

So it seems like the Apo Sironar S 100mm should work for 4x5 in this case. Is this correct, or am I just having a pipe dream? Any experiences? Other suggestions for lenses in this focal range that would have a quality image and be compact enough to fold up inside the Techika?


Gene McCluney
24-Aug-2008, 18:52
If it will "just" cover 4x5 at infinity with no movements, you should be just fine closer up with no movements.

Kirk Fry
24-Aug-2008, 18:58
A 100mm wide field Kodak Ektar would work better. K