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24-Aug-2008, 16:08
I am looking for input regarding a backpack that works well for an 8x10 system I will be carrying the following gear:
Shen Hao 8x10 camera
Schnieder 150mm XL lens
Rodenstock APO N 300mm /f5.6 lens
Nikkor 450mm f9 lens
6-10 8x10 film holders
dark cloth
silvestri 6x tilting loupe

Any suggestion based on experience would be greatly appreciated. I work out of my SUV but would also like to hike a 1-2 miles for some shots.

Walter Calahan
24-Aug-2008, 16:31
Not this thread again!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doesn't anyone do a search of this site to learn that this question has been answered about a 1/2 million times.

Get a backpack that fits your stuff. REI or any camping store near you is a good place to start. A backpack that works for me might not work for you.

Or look at backpacks that are designed for photography such as a LowePro, etc.

Then do your back a favor, don't put the backpack on your back.

Go on eBay and win a used 3-wheel baby jogging stroller (never buy new 'cause they are outrageously expensive). Put your backpack, film holder bag and tripod on the stroller and wheel your gear wherever you want to go.

Expect over 10-foot wide fallen trees. Grin.

Sorry for my shortness with this thread, but it has been done to death.

Michael Roberts
24-Aug-2008, 16:34
I've got this bag:

It has worked well for me, but you may have to reinforce the straps if you really load it up. With your limited hiking, it should work well.

I would not plan on carrying that many holders in the bag; I'd use a separate bag for holders. I usually only carry two holders in the bag with the camera; none if I'm carrying my holder case (holds six film holders).

John Kasaian
24-Aug-2008, 17:20
Better yet, get a donkey :D

24-Aug-2008, 18:51
I'm using the photobackpacker (.com) Kelty RPT P2 backpack for a Wehman 8.x10, six lenses, 10 fillm holders, and the rest of the usual necessaries. It's heavy (thought the empty pack is not), but not uncomfortable and certainly does the job. Bruce will customize a pack and lens/camera containers to hold and protect your gear. He is a great guy to work with, very helpful and honest. Highly recommended.

Brian Ellis
24-Aug-2008, 20:24
If you'll only be walking a mile or two the F64 8x10 pack would work well, at least it has for me over the years. When I used it for 8x10 I carried basically the same equipment as you list except for your 6 - 10 holders. I could only fit 3 holders in mine when carrying camera, 3 lenses, BTZS hood, meter, filters, bottle of water, snack, etc. The thing I've always liked about the F64 pack is that it's pretty light, not like many of the bigger heavily padded packs that are 3-4 pounds before you even put anything in them.

Turner Reich
24-Aug-2008, 23:23
Not this thread again!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm looking anew for a pack too, how about a should bag, messenger, for the camera and a pack for the accessories? Any ideas?

25-Aug-2008, 07:01
Look for a "panel load" style where the back unzips not a "top load" where every thing must go in through the top. REI ha some good ones and they are great about letting you bring your gear in and see if it fits.

To the "NOT THIS AGAIN" group...Screw You!

We might as well shut down the active use of this site and make it an archive only where someone can look up old topics. It is disgusting how some snobs can jump on someone for asking a question that might have been asked before. Great way to make a new guy feel like hanging up LF because of the welcome he found in the community.

Dan Schmidt
25-Aug-2008, 08:02
another nod for photobackpacker.com

Walter Calahan
25-Aug-2008, 09:31
Such a raucous mouth.

Thank you for your opinion. Like you, I'm in titled to an opinion, too. Personally I welcome all new threads of information, but I must have seen two or three 'Backpack' threads started per month for the last year.

But I did not shout 'screw you', I gave helpful information.

25-Aug-2008, 10:42
And another suggestion for PhotoBackPacker if going the backpack route... the very best system I've ever tried. Forget LowePro backpacks... WAY too heavy... too uncomfortable to wear compared to a technical backpack. I also have a LowePro backpack and removed the harness system and use it as a carry bag for a medium format system.

If wanting a belt system... look at Kinesis. For bags... look towards Tamrac (I have a heavily used 20-year old Tamrac bag that appears as good as new).