View Full Version : symmar 240 f6.8 triple convertible?!?!?

24-Aug-2008, 13:17
i have one! i just can not find any info on it. can any one help? seems to be in a factory mount....but what do i know? symmar 240 f 6.8, 375 f12, and 45 f13. anyone know the coverage of the combinations?

thanks for the help.


Michael Roberts
24-Aug-2008, 13:36
Here's info on the combined lens:

Unfortunately, Schneider doesn't list the IC of the front and rear elements separately...

24-Aug-2008, 13:39
A fine lens, but a PITA to use because there's no press-focus button, and the aperture and shutter speed dials are somehow inconvenient to use.

Ole Tjugen
24-Aug-2008, 13:47
Yes, that's a triple convertible. It should be a Dagor-type lens, and about as good with a single cell as a Dagor would be. :)

The combined lens covers 8x10", and the single cells just about the same.

The link in the post above gives information for the convertible Plasmat-type lens, which is not what you have. The Plasmat type was introduced in 1950, so yours must be one of the last Dagor-Types, seeing as it's coated. I have very little information about this lens,but at least I know it exists. :)

Peter K
24-Aug-2008, 14:01
The Symmar f/6.8 is an older version of the Symmar introduced in the fifties. This lens was made 1949. And is coated as the red triangle shows. Rear or front cell alone has an agnle of view from about 40°. The whole lens covers 18x24cm wide open and 28x36cm at f/22. The rear cell has an image circle of 259mm and the front 338mm. So only the front cell will cover 8x10" (312mm)

24-Aug-2008, 14:02
great! thanks everyone....now to go play with it!

Walter Calahan
24-Aug-2008, 14:33
I'd shoot with it to see if it works with your vision of how your images should look. If it does, don't look back. If it doesn't, get a different lens. Looks in fine shape. Can't imagine Schneider making crap.

The proof is in the pudding.

Jim Galli
24-Aug-2008, 14:40
Eddie, I have it's little brother in 135mm combined length. The shutter is fussy and I must confess to never making an image with it. Mine is from 1952 iirc so there was likely some overlap if the plasma type came out in 1950. It should cover 8X10 about as well as a 9 1/2" Dagor which covers that format very well. Pretty lens. You gonna keep it or sell it. They don't seem to cause panic when they show up on Ebay which is kind of nice. They turn up from time to time.

24-Aug-2008, 15:45
Eddie, Pretty lens. You gonna keep it or sell it.

not sure. i will play with it a bit first i think. maybe i will bring it to utah and idaho in 3 weeks. all the sudden i have too many lenses.....again!

it will be a tough decision. something must go. i just got a 215 caltar that converts to 14 inches. and i have a turner reich 12/20/25 that i just got an extra set of cells for that i was planning to try out with the 25/25 combo and see how she does on the 11x14 also. this scheider was an unexpected find....i actually thought it was a double convertible at first! now i seem to have way too many 8x10 combinations......

as they say....everything is for sale at a price........