View Full Version : Anti-Hallation Backing

Joshua Kleiman
24-Apr-2001, 22:56
I am attempting to make my own film I have mixed NaBr and AgNO3 to form AgBr (my emulsion) and I am applying via a Cachet gelatin product to 35mm clear leader. However, I am still lost as to what I should use as an anti-hallation backing, any suggestions?

Pete Andrews
25-Apr-2001, 05:15
IS this a serious question?It's a bit late for All Fools Day.

Scott Walton
25-Apr-2001, 13:22
Pete, he is serious. He posted a question about making his own movie film as I recall about a month ago and I recommended the Cachet. Josh, you might want to try a lamp carbon if I'm not mistaken.

Joshua Kleiman
25-Apr-2001, 14:55
Scott thanks for legitimizing my question. Where can I find lamp carbon though?

Ed Buffaloe
25-Apr-2001, 15:04
You need to go to a good college library and do some research. You might start with Neblette's "Imaging Processes and Materials" or James' & Higgins' "Fundamentals of Photographic Theory". Their bibliographies should point you to other good sources for the information you need.