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22-Aug-2008, 19:35
How does one tell if a three inch lens will cover a 4x5 with some move ment ?

Nathan Potter
22-Aug-2008, 20:12
Lauren, identify the lens and someone here might be able to tell you.

Nate Potter

Peter K
23-Aug-2008, 02:32
For 4x5" you will need an image circle from 152mm or 5,98". E.g. a Super-Angulon 1:5.6/75mm has an image circle of 198mm, so you can move 12,9mm verticaly and 10,5mm horizontaly.

23-Aug-2008, 05:57
Nathan: Here is the lens I am looking at ?
Steinheil Munchen Cassar 75mm 3.5 Item number: 350090844966

Ole Tjugen
23-Aug-2008, 06:19
That Cassar is a MF lens. It covers 6x6 only.

Dan Fromm
23-Aug-2008, 07:48
Lauren, ain't no cheap lenses for 4x5 much shorter than 90 mm. Ain't no fast wide angle lenses for 4x5, excepting the 75/4.5 Biogon (not cheap) and f/4.5 Grandagons (also not cheap).

Kirk Fry
23-Aug-2008, 22:57
One might be able to find a 3 5/16 inch or 82.8 mm Protar V (the shortest one made) for not a lot of money if not in shutter made by B&L. The Zeiss ones are getting pricey.
These cover 4X5 wide open (f/18). K

24-Aug-2008, 05:13
good luck finding something wide!
it took me a long time
to find something and then ...
i bought THAT center filter (new)
cost a small fortune as well.

it was worth it though, i use it (both) all the time
(on a speed graphic as well as a rail camera).

if you use it on a rail, don' t forget to get a deep-recessed
lensboard and something to fiddle with your speeds+stops.
if you don't have 4year-old's-fingers, you might find it hard
to make the adjustments.


28-Aug-2008, 14:41
I thank you all, for your help on which lens to buy, I was Lucky and found a Wollansak
E.W.A. 1:12.5 F-90mm which according to info has 84 degree at wide open and 100 degree stopped down should work , Now all I have to is improve my shooting: Lauren