View Full Version : Ultra-wide angle lens

22-Aug-2008, 18:34
Where can I find used ultra-wide angle lenses for a 6x7 slide projector?:confused:


Gene McCluney
23-Aug-2008, 10:17
I think that 6x7 slide projectors are so rare that lens choices would be even rarer. Buhl optical made lenses for slide projectors. They are now called Navitar lenses.

Their website has a "lens finder" page.


23-Aug-2008, 11:50
A 80mm f5.6 Rodenstock Rodagon would work?

Peter K
23-Aug-2008, 14:51
A 80mm f5.6 Rodenstock Rodagon would work?
The Rodagon is an enlarger lens for 6x6cm negatives, the image circle ist too small for 6x7cm. But a Rodagon-WA 80mm could work. In any case you will need a condensor that matches the projector lens.

Maris Rusis
23-Aug-2008, 15:05
Ultra-wide projector lens? I've used one of those inexpensive fish-eye converter lenses gaffer taped onto the front of a projector lens. Wow what an image! You can cover a huge wall, and some of the floor and ceiling, with a projection "throw" of only 3 or 4 metres.

Image quality? Good in the middle and bad at the edges but the overwhelming impression of being immersed in the image still has good impact.