View Full Version : Using Polaroid 665 with 6x9 camera

Sandy Sorlien
24-Apr-2001, 15:58
Hi, I want to use Polaroid 665 P/N pack film with my Arca-Swiss 6x9 FC. The neg is 3 1/2 x 4 1/2 and the ground glass is smaller than that. Does anyone have any bri ght ideas how I can see the whole image on a gg? Do I have to custom-make one? The opening at the rear of the bellows is plenty big enough, and my lens has lot s of coverage. Thanks.

Ellis Vener
25-Apr-2001, 03:24
You might want to talk with the folks at NPC (http://www.npcphoto.com) they might have a custom or off-the-shelf solution for you. I take it you already have the Arca-Swiss Polaroid back for the 6x9 FC, right?

Ellis Vener
25-Apr-2001, 13:18

Having thought about it overnight, I think if you want to go this route (full frame on the 665) it might make more economic & ergonomic sense to get the 6x9 to 4x5 format changing kit from Arca-Swiss rather than get a custom gg & frame made. if you do want to go the custom route Steve Grimes is probably a better option than NPC. You might also want to drop a line to Martin Vogt at the Arca-Swiss factory: arca-swiss@swissonline.ch

Sandy Sorlien
28-Jun-2001, 23:11
Update: I have now shot a bunch of 665 with the Arca and it's working pretty well. The gg of the Arca 69 FC shows almost all of the film area. If I decide I need to know precisely where the edges are, I can either do some tests with shifting/rising the camera to see how many degrees of shift/rise will cover it, or I can make a frosted acetate "ground glass" to put into an old Polaroid holder (stole this idea from another post, thanks). Not that I want to carry around another holder....well, after using Holgas for so many years I'm used to estimating where the edges are gonna be.