View Full Version : Rollex back parts

25-Apr-2001, 09:59
I was unlucky enough to have purchased a linhof 6x9 rollex back on ebay that has worn interior parts resulting in the frames running together (it's for a 6x9 im age frame). Does anyone know if it's possible to get replacement parts for thes e very old backs? Many thanks.

Artie Kapell

Bob Salomon
25-Apr-2001, 10:28
Not for Rolex but Marflex has Super Rolex parts. They are the people to ask since they are the sole source of Linhof parts in the US.

25-Apr-2001, 13:58
Keep you 6x9 shell, and buy an 6x9 insert from Ebay. Repair jobs at Marflex are very expensive. Cheers,