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zack kl
20-Aug-2008, 20:37
Hi, I,m new to 4x5 and just got a used C2 with no instructions.
I think I've figured out some things but unsure about;
-Do you have to load it in the dark or can you do it in the light as it looks like it would waste a lot of film if done in the light.
-I have a Calumet with rotating back, the C2 slips in nicely and I figured out how to use the side metal sliders (wondered what those were for) to lock it in, do people take the rotating back off before putting in the C2 or leave the back on?- I ask because it seems to really stretch out the back.
Thanks very much, Zack

Ole Tjugen
20-Aug-2008, 21:02
You can (and should) load it in subdued light. The paper leader on roolfilm is long enough to make this safe, and you really need to see where the "start" mark is. This wastes no film at all; trying to do it in the dark would waste several rolls. ;)

The holder should go either below the (spring loaded) ground glass, or instead of the ground glass assembly and held in place with the Graflok tabs. It's thin enough that it doesn't put too much strain on the springs.

zack kl
20-Aug-2008, 21:14
Thank you Ole, that will get me out shooting tommorrow. Want to try some 6x7 before I start shooting the big stuff. Just found this on google .

instructions for loading C2N...

thanks again, Zack

20-Aug-2008, 21:32
I load mine in subdued light...but if possible I unload mine in the dark (I use a dark/changing bag for this in the field). This might just be a problem with my own C2, but what happens is that the design of the holder bends the film in the opposite direction of its normal curl. If I take a break between exposing frames and the film sits for a few hours or more, it "remembers" the curl in the opposite direction and will not roll tightly on the take-up reel.

So when I open up the back to remove the exposed roll, it is not wound up tight and light can sneak in on the ends of the roll of film -- fogging it a little (enough to ruin a couple of frames). So in the changing bag, I hand-tighten the film on the reel and all is fine.

If I shoot the whole roll in one sitting, I do not have the above problem.

Again, this might not be a problem with your C2, but be aware of the possibility.


Ole Tjugen
20-Aug-2008, 21:34
http://www.southbristolviews.com/pics/Graphic/manual-pdf/ins_c2n.pdf - your link was incomplete. :)

zack kl
20-Aug-2008, 21:44
Thanks Vaughn, I understand,.
I thought that it was a pretty sharp bend around the roller.
One more question, as I don't have the acetate framing mask I just cut a 6x7 hole in the center of a sheet of 4x5 film and was going to put that over the ground glass and realized I was not sure that the 6x7 would be centered, it seems logical that it would but...? Does anybody know if it is?
Ole, when you say it is "incomplete" I assume you mean that it was just one page and there were probably more- but that's all I was able to find online. Or did you mean the link was incomplete - it works for me ?

Ole Tjugen
20-Aug-2008, 21:48
When I click the link in your post, I get only an error message. The hyperlink is identical to what is shown in text, and that is incomplete. If you look at where the two links point, you will see the difference.

Hmmm... Maybe I should try mine before I sell it? I recently bought a Sinar Zoom holder, so I never got around to using the C2.

zack kl
20-Aug-2008, 21:52
Ole ,
I just clicked on the link and the error message come up, twice more it came up but on the fourth or fifth try I got the C2 page ??????????

zack kl
20-Aug-2008, 21:56
This is getting weird, when I tried opening up the link that was in my post I just got error messages. When I clicked on the address in Ole's post I got it three times in a row ????? Sranger things have happened.

20-Aug-2008, 21:58
The link as you posted it did not work for me either.

I never used the framing mask -- my ground glass was marked already (the 4x5 was a camera marketed by Calumet, so I assumed it was accurate...and it is).

Compress your bellows so that the front and back standards are as close as possible and remove the lens/lensboard. Slide in the holder. Take a pencil and look at the ground glass through the front. A flashlight, and piece of white paper where the film goes in the holder might help, but you should be able to see the 6x7 film opening -- mark the corners of the 6x7 opening on the ground glass with the pencil. Then make your mask based on the pencil marks -- or just mark it with the pencil and forget the mask.

Now I never have done the above -- totally theorectical. I wonder if it will work.


EuGene Smith
21-Aug-2008, 18:30

Apparently I missed something . . . if I slide the holder into the camera, it will displace the ground glass away from the back of the camera, so when I look into the lens board opening I will see only the Calumet holder, as it is between the back opening and ground glass.

However, if I tape a piece of tracing paper over the opening, insert the Calumet (carefully to not tear the tracing paper) between the ground glass and tracing paper, or over the tracing paper using the Grafloc tabs, then I can mark the film opening on the tracing paper, remove the Calumet, then the tracing will be visible on the ground glass so I can mark it there.

Similar markings can be made for other Grafloc mount roll backs (645, 6x6, 6x12, etc) that you migh have.

zack kl
21-Aug-2008, 20:00
I still haven't shot anything film yet- tommorrow but I decided not to worry about if my matt was right as people mentioned the groundglass with markings on them for the various size backs so I figure they must be centered if not I will find out in my first roll shot and post the results if it is not centered. Thanks to all.