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20-Aug-2008, 10:49

I recommend that anybody looking for a "cheap" stereo camera track one of these down!

Many thanks to Dirk Rösler (Megaperls) for this one. I was sold it as there was an inherent fault, so it didn't work.

OFFICIAL FUJI PAGE - Japanese (http://fujifilm.jp/business/photo/fotorama/fpul.html)

OFFICIAL FUJI PAGE - English translation (http://translate.google.co.uk/translate?hl=en&sl=ja&u=http://fujifilm.jp/business/photo/fotorama/fpul.html) (link may not work, humourous translation)

I'm terrible, destroying screws and delicate parts (such as the silvered mirror in the viewfinder) so this time I took the direction of care, and making sure nothing was forced beyond repair. Good thing too - see my previous failure with a Speed Graphic!

My first task was to pull the camera apart. However, I can never keep track of my screwdrivers so I took a trip into town to the cheapo-hardware store and spent a small fortune on the following...


So here is the camera.



20-Aug-2008, 10:51
Next I pulled EVERYTHING apart.

As found

Disconnected cables to check through parts

Viewfinder disassy

Nothing wrong so far.... Checked all connections... so it MUST be in the main body of the camera.

20-Aug-2008, 10:56
So this was tricky.

I tried my best and could NOT find the screws to remove the back. Two were parallel to the serial number (access through that lower part from previous pictures).

The other two.. well... they could ONLY be below the felt on the back of the camera


They were, the back came off, the two screws were hidden behind the sliding back on the camera. This slides to both sizes of FP100 fuji instant.

Having removed the back, carefully as there are two wired switches attached (that register on the camera which film position you're using), and removing the stereo cone, this is the inside:


Once again, nothing wrong with these wires.

20-Aug-2008, 11:03
Turns out the issue is with those switches I mentioned. See the third brown connector, the wires coming out of the scene. Those.

They need total pressure to complete the circuit, otherwise the camera will not fire the shutter!


In practice what does that mean?

It means I have to push the sliding back into the 45 position (versus the 145 for smaller) and then push it an extra 1mm to the maximum it will go. This engages the switch fully.

My next plan will be removal of the original back, probably attaching the Sinar back I have somewhere.

This camera is very interesting. The front has sensors that make sure you're the correct distance for focusing, but so long as the back is engaged, you can fire regardless of focusing distance.

It's a shame I can't get this camera to stay open in a B position, it only has the two shutter speeds (125/60 - I couldn't see where this was even attached to the circuitry inside). The aperture scale on the other side is useful for exposure compensation, there is also a X-sync and cable release.

No scanner at the moment, so please bear with this photo of a photo. All the colours are out, I had to take a snapshot rather than scan the original. The flash went off fine, the exposure is fine, and the flaring on the top corner is reflection off the emulsion, not present on the original.

If you can cross your eyes, try this!


6-Nov-2012, 13:51
Resurrecting a very old thread.

This camera was used quite a lot after buying an instant film back. I shot a series of dogs and owners, and another series of people outside Scotland Yard protesting for photographers' rights. After that I ran out of money and it was stored - I couldn't afford the instant film and the instant holder was sold.

Looks like I did the right thing, the 5x4 instant film looks to be discontinued now, or else really hard to come by.

Had a look around online and by accident came across a UK dealer with a bad reputation. He had two of the converter lenses for this camera. I emailed and he offered both at a price I couldn't say no to. Worried I might have a bad experience I had him confirm when to expect the package. It arrived four working days after purchase (a day after promised arrival, but hey ho).

Anyway, Converter lens R and C are in my possession but of course there's no way to attach a film holder....or is there?

I don't own any Grafmatics so a simple use of the Graflok won't do. I tried to think about a piece of metal or a Razzlok style back. No good. Eventually it hit me.

Found in a box was a B&J 5x4 spring back with a spare GG holder piece. This would fit fine but I still needed metal to hold it in place and extend with the insertion of a 5x4 DDS. Looking at the top and bottom of the graflok back there were two pieces of black painted metal. See the second picture on the thread, they are subtle and between the four screws. I merely cut the pieces of metal in two and swung them around outward..


Hopefully I'll have a 5x4 (2x4) b&w stereo photo sometime soon.

Frank Petronio
6-Nov-2012, 14:24
Nice job. Of course you could break it and use the lenses on BULB with a lens cap....

6-Nov-2012, 14:58
No fun in that

6-Nov-2012, 16:15

Works fine