View Full Version : Salmoiraghi Phoebus 31cm f/4.5 lens

Joe Smigiel
19-Aug-2008, 19:13
I've unearthed a Salmoiraghi (Milano) Phoebus 31cm f/4.5 lens. The vade mecum doesn't have much to say about it except for a 1924 date and a Google search was unproductive. It's a heavy lens, ~7cm high and ~9 cm in diameter. The aperture has been removed in this example.

Anyone have any knowledge of it?

10-Jun-2010, 01:36
Due the small distance between front and rear elements, I think that it's a process lens maybe a tessar design, maybe triplet. With coverage 8x10.

Steven Tribe
10-Jun-2010, 02:43
There was one on e**y which ended yesterday, I think. I researched it during the listing and found that there are quite a few of this exact size around.
My guess was a dialyt and a standard camera lens!

10-Jun-2010, 03:34
check this one 270591582797 and ask seller for lens design, if it's dialyt it has to be similar to aviar and maybe a nice cheap lens