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Hugh Sakols
19-Aug-2008, 09:14
This summer I enjoyed shooting roll film (6x9) on my Horseman vhr. This isn't the most perfect system - ie limited movements and a small image to look at on ground glass. However, I do like the way I can scan 6x9 transparencies on my Minolta Multi Pro scanner and get excellent results making 14 x 21 prints. At the moment my biggest frustration is having a 180mm horseman lens as my longest telephoto. I would like to find an economical ($500 or less) lens in the range of 240-300mm that would accept a #0 or #1 lens board and that would work with the standard bellows on the vhr. I understand I might not have much in the way of movements, but I can live with that.

Aender Brepsom
19-Aug-2008, 10:03
Hi Hugh,

if I remember correctly, the Horseman VH-R has got a maximum extension of 249 mm.
This will allow you to use quite a number of longer focal length lenses in either Copal 0 or 1 shutters at infinity. For close focusing, the choice in the range of 240-300mm is less wide. The best option might be a tele lens, as they need less extension.

You could use the following lenses (among others):

Fujinon A 240mm f/9 (Copal 0, flange back 238mm)
Fujinon T 300mm f/8 (Copal 0, flange back 195mm)
Nikkor T 270mm f/6.3 (Copal 1, flange back 188mm)
Rodenstock Apo-Ronar 240mm f/9 (Copal 1, flange back 235mm)
Schneider G-Claron 240mm f/9 (Copal 1, flange back 235mm)
Schneider Tele-Arton 270mm f/5.5 (Copal 1, flange back 152mm)

I have use the latter one on my Ebony SW23 and it performed very well.

There are also top hat panels for the Horsemans that will give a little extra extension.

Other forum members sure will be able to recommend other lenses.

19-Aug-2008, 11:42
This 210mm works fine for me on the FA and also the VHR. (Though it spends most of its time on the 8x10 Century).

You can try to get this extension board to increase the effective bellows draw.

Jeff Keller
19-Aug-2008, 14:32
Probably one of the telephoto lenses in the 250-300mm range would be the best option. Horseman made a 2x teleconverter which I believe was matched to their 150mm lens. I don't know how well it worked. It has been awhile since I've seen one sold but I believe the used ones were selling at about $250 or less.