View Full Version : Where can I probably find Delta 400 5*7 film near Manchester or London?

Vincent Wu
23-Apr-2001, 18:53
Where can I probably find Delta 400 5*7 film near Manchester or London. If there is no one nearby, could you please tell me the dealer that accept mail order wi thin the U.K.

24-Apr-2001, 04:27
Your best bet would probably be to contact Ilford directly in the UK, and ask them.

Pete Andrews
24-Apr-2001, 08:37
You could try KJP (Keith Johnson & Pelling) they're the largest pro stockist in England, and they have a branch in Manchester I believe.Since Delta 400 has only recently been discontinued they may have some left in stock. 5x7 is not a popular size in the UK, though, so you may well be out of luck.

Robert White
24-Apr-2001, 13:22
Vincent........ILFORD UK still list HP5 PLUS and FP4 Plus in 5X7 25 sheet packs...... You will be able to go direct to ILford's Trade Counter at 54 warren Street, london, W1P 5PA....Telephone 0207 383 7050 ........ I hope this helps Robert White

Trevor Crone
24-Apr-2001, 15:24
Vincent, KJP (now Calumet) only list HP5+ and FP4+ in the 5x7 format. Their Manc hester branch is Units 3-4 Praed Road, Trafford Park, M17 1SJ, tel.:01618770202 and their main London branch is 93-103 Drummond Street, Euston, NW1 2HU, tel.:02 073801144. For mail order call 08000964396. Regards,

Struan Gray
25-Apr-2001, 05:51
If you can't find 5x7, try asking for 13x18. When I last looked into oddball formats (ha!) here in Sweden there were quite a few more options in the metric format. You will need new film holders, but provided your camera isn't too old, you won't have to change your camera.