View Full Version : Nikkor 180 mm vs Goerz Dagor Ser. III 7 in.

Diane Maher
18-Aug-2008, 09:57
Does anyone know the difference in coverage between these two lenses and what is the largest format they can be used with?

18-Aug-2008, 10:07
Goerz Am. Opt. state the 7" Dagor covers 6.5"x8.5" at f16 and 10"x8" at f45

The Nikkor W 180mm covers 5x7 image circle is 253mm @ f22


Diane Maher
18-Aug-2008, 10:30
Thanks, Ian!

David Lindquist
18-Aug-2008, 14:56
I have a "Goerz Double Anastigmat Series III No.2", 7 inch focal length. According to its s/n it was made a year or so before the name "Dagor" came in to use. It does not cover 8 X 10. It was remounted in a Copal No. 1 shutter. Possibly this affected its coverage? (I don't know why that would be, though). If you do the trig/arithmetic using the claimed angle of coverage of 87 deg at f/45, a 7 inch Dagor should cover 8 X 10. Mine doesn't, as in the corners are not even illuminated.

Diane Maher
18-Aug-2008, 19:28
Mine is a Goerz Dagor Ser. III, No. 2 and it is also mounted in a Copal 1 shutter. Sounds like if I want larger format coverage, I better stick with this lens. Thanks for the replies.